Q - How long does it take to get a loan approved?

A - Providing we have all of your details we aim to have an answer within an hour

Q - Do I need to offer some form of security for my loan?

A - Yes, we will need a late model vehicle or a property to use as security

Q - Can I get a guarantor who owns a property to help me?

A - Yes you can, however we will need to meet your guarantor to ensure they are aware of their Obligations as this is a big responsibility.

Q - Are you a broker or a lender?

A - We are a broker so we have access to several lenders which gives us the ability to cast a wider net when trying to source our client's finance.

Q - Do you charge a fee for your services?

A - Yes we do, however we will always discuss our fee structure before proceeding with any applications as we want you to be fully aware of the costs up front so there are no surprises later.

Q - Are you a registered Financial Service Provider?

A - Verus Finance Ltd. is not a registered financial service provider, however its director Dion Mahutoto is a registered financial service provider. Free to search the FSP website.

Q - Are you a member of a Disputes Resolution Scheme

A - Yes we certainly are and you will see our scheme operators logo on our homepage. If you have a dispute that we cannot resolve, you can contact them by clicking on their logo.

Q - Do I have to see a lawyer if my loan gets approved

A - Sometimes, depending on different aspects of your loan. If your age is an issue or the security is owned by a guarantor our lenders may require a lawyer to advise you or your guarantor

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